White Collies

Text and scans provided by Linda Rorem--thanks, Linda!

A Collie ad from 1909 Country Life in America.

Collie ads from from 1914 Country Life in America.

A Collie ad from Island White Kennel in Oshkosh WI from 1916 Country Life in America.

Another Collie from Island White Kennel in Oshkosh WI from Country Life in America around 1916.

A nearly all-white Victorian collie from an early 1900s British all-breed book, with just a little color on the ear. The description with this dog states: White Collie "Squire." Accepted by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward). From "The Queen's Dogs."

More All-White Collies

Read an article from Country Life in America, 1919, about a white collie sent to Alaska to herd reindeer (this one is color-headed white).

Beery's Snow White, a "Jeffersonian" Collie.

"Sport or Variety", an article about all-white Collies from Country Life In America, Nov. 1915

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