Heza Dream Come True

Click on the photo to view a larger image. Photo and text copyright Laura Plumley, 1999.

This is a photo of my present Collie, Sonny.  I have had Collies
for 20 years.  I thought I would start with Sonny's story and photo.
     I have always been "in love" with Lassie.  I grew up with the Timmy
era Lassie and the Ranger era Lassie.  So I always favored that type.  I
hunted forever to find a Collie that looked like Lassie.  Of course the
ones I had didn't have the classic blaze and their coat was extremly thick.
 As a child I pretended they were Lassie.
     As an adult I got involved with purebred breed rescue with the area
kennel club.  The Shelters would notify us when a purebred dog's time was
up, and if a member could they would take the dog and place it in a good
home.  I went on a call of a Collie that was to be put down that day.  When
I walked in all I saw of him was his BLAZE!!!  He was skin and bone, as
well as being full of matts.  Of course I took him off of "death row".
That was in August of 1996.
     His owners didn't like his bark and had kept him CHAINED (I would bark
too),  his hair around his neck was gone.  My vet was shocked I would want
such an ugly Collie.  I knew in my mind someday he would be "my Lassie".
     I got him neutered and got an AKC ILP number on him, so I could show
in obedience.  I registered his name as Heza Dream Come True (he was
mine) and call him Sonny.
     I live on a large farm.  Sonny enjoys herding our cattle, going on
hikes and horseback rides.  My husband likes how he never leaves my side.
He is very loyal.  I have taken him to nursing homes, the patients love
"Lassie".  I taught him several tricks to entertain them.
     The photo attached was taken March 1999.  Sonny will be 5 in August.

Laura Plumley


502 East Plumley Lane
Shady Spring, WV 25918