Collie / shepherd history

Collie family tree

"Shepherds and Collies at the turn of the century" by Linda Rorem, 199?

"Whatever happened to Old Shep?" by Linda Rorem, 199?

"Old Scotch Collie" by Erika DuBois, 1991

"Australian Shepherd History" by Linda Rorem

1576, Johannes Caius: "The Shepherds Dogge"

1790, Thomas Bewick "The Shepherd's Dog"

1790, Thomas Bewick "The Cur Dog"

1851, excerpt from Cuvier on domestic dogs.

1862, excerpt from Woods on sheep-dogs

1872, excerpt from Goodrich on the Shepherd's Dog and others, including quotes from Buffon and Hogg.

1890 Standard of Excellence, English Collie Club

1890 Standard of Excellence, Scottish Collie Club

1906 and earlier photos from The Dog Book by James Watson: Charlemagne, Nesta, Cocksie and Squire of Tyton, and more early Collies.

1911, 1912 Country Life in America articles: "Save The Old-Fashioned Collie"

Stories of working shepherds/collies from 1880, 1892, 1894, 1914, 1920s and more, at Herding on the Web.

Early 1900s photos of white Collies, and a couple articles.

1922 article "The Sunnybank Collies"

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