Friends of the Old Farm Collie

Friends of the Old Farm Collie was a group interested in preserving or restoring the old farm collie. A search for old farm collies was begun with the publication of articles describing the type and requesting leads on where such collies might be found.

History of the Friends of the Old Farm Collie

In the 1980s, Erika du Bois of Nova Scotia began searching for old farm collies. Locally she found very few likely individuals. She published articles asking for leads on where farm collies might still be found in Canada or the United States. Of those who read her articles and contacted her for further information, a few people joined together in the loosely organized group called Friends of the Old Farm Collie.

At about the same time that Erika du Bois began her search in Canada, J. Richard McDuffie also started a search for the farm shepherd or collie that he remembered from his childhood as being a great hunting dog. Mr. McDuffie eventually found a family of this type of dog in Tennessee. Read more about Mr. McDuffie's Old Time Farm Shepherds in FOFC Bulletin #2.

Some of the people who were involved with the FOFC believed that the English Shepherd breed is essentially the same as the old farm collie. Others believee that the English Shepherd, while certainly derived from the old farm collie, leans toward the Roman cattle dog type and away from the "Scotch collie" they used to have or remember.

A few FOFC members whose family or farm collies were more toward the Scotch collie type were interested in working toward this type within the registered Collie breed. A CKC registered Collie turned up who appeared to be a throwback toward this old type. A study of the oldest photos of registered Collies of the 1860s to about 1900 reveals what can be called the Victorian Collie. This type of Collie survived on farms long after it was no longer considered show type. Many people have been able to pick out from these old photos of show Collie champions a particular Collie who looked a lot like the farm collie they remember from their childhood.

Friends of the Old Farm Collie Bulletins

The following bulletins were sent to members of Friends of the Old Farm Collie 1995 to 1997, after which the bulletin was succeeded by the Farm Collie email list.

FOFC Bulletin #1, February 1995.

FOFC Bulletin #2, October 1995.

FOFC Bulletin #3, August 1996.

FOFC Bulletin #4, June 1997.

FOFC Bulletin #5, December 1997.

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