Country Life In America

Thanks to Linda Rorem for sending me photocopies of these articles--I'd never have found them on my own! And thanks to Doris Bickford-Swarthout of Berry Hill Books for providing stat photos from some of the original magazine articles. And last but not least, thanks to Jan Hilborn for finding and sending some of the articles.

The Scotch Collie, July 1, 1903

Shepherd or Collie, March 1, 1908

Who Is Breeding Old-Fashioned Collies? December 15, 1911

The Case For The Modern Collie, March 1, 1912

Save The Old-Fashioned Collie!, March 15, 1912

More About The Old-Fashioned Collie, June 15, 1912

The Old-Fashioned Collie, July 15, 1912

The Old-Fashioned Collie, August 15, 1912

The Old-Fashioned Collie Again, October 15, 1912

More Old-Fashioned Collies, December 15, 1912

A New Collie Fancier, August, 1913

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