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Here is the story: Her husband's family had this family of dogs as far back as anybody could remember (well before 1900). From the mid-1920s until his death late 1970s her husband kept and bred his own dogs. He sold and gave away pups to people over a wide area of Central Tennessee. He was judicious in seeing that none of the modern English Shepherd, Border Collie or Australian Shepherd genes got mixed into any of his dogs. He called his dogs "the Old Bob-Tail Shepherd" because a percentage of them were born bob-tail.

When he died his wife kept his dogs. Without his efforts at breeding and distributing dogs in the area, that type of dog died out or became cross-bred until the only ones left were those owned by his widow. The parents of the four pups I got were the last dogs she had left. They were old and probably the second generation she had raised after her husbad's death. The sire of the pups was dead before I got the pups and they were definitely the dam's last litter due to her old age. Had I not gotten them it would have been too late...

The four pups I got, Ole Shep, Rover, Keppie and Little Bit are all true to the Old Time Farm Shepherd-Collie type. They are all sable and white. In their winter coat they have a good bit of black showing through but when they shed they are pretty much clear sable. Their mother was black and white, the sire sable and white. Sable and white seems to be the predominant color but some come black and white or tri-color.

We found another family in Tennessee and one in North Carolina that are mostly Old Time Farm Shepherd-Collie but have a little English Shepherd. They, however, breed true to the "Old Time" traits.

The dogs we have are in the 40-50 pound range. Some may get larger but most don't. They have almost human intelligence, being able to figure things out and respond appropriately to unusual situations. They are very people-oriented but distrustful of strangers. The are territorial and natural protectors of property. They are natural stock dogs (however, I do not allow mine to work any kind of livestock... because I hunt them among livestock and I don't want them being distracted by it). They are natural heelers but do not have the tight-eyed crouching style of the Border Collie.

Mr. McDuffie now [October 1995] has sable and white puppies available. Interested people may contact him. [Request address or phone number of Mr. McDuffie via email to].

Should any of the "Friends of the Old Farm Collie" pursue the leads above and obtain any of these dogs, please keep me informed! I would like to keep track of them.

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